Valve actuators

Thanks to their modular setup, our actuators can easily be adapted to your particular situation. Your special wishes concerning material selection or special coatings for application in extreme conditions will be integrated without any problems. On request the necessary calculations and test reports will be included. This flexibility together with our deliberate choice for quality convinces many renowned clients to choose Huima Specials. We find solutions for valves in extreme conditions and complicated situations.

Manual Actuators HVA Series

For operating quarter turn ball valves and butterfly valves, Huima Specials has developed the HVA Series, a wide range of standard actuators.
The actuators can be equipped with a spur or bevel gear reduction to minimise the required input torque.
Thanks to in-house engineering and production Huima Specials is able to meet your special requirements.

The HVA Series have several outfits:
  • S-series Standard
  • M-series Marinised service
  • W-series Water service
  • B-series Buried service
  • Shockproof (440G - TNO-tested).

Construction: Housings can be chosen from GG25 or GGG40 (nodular cast iron).
Torque: For manual operation.
Range: HVA gear systems make a 90° turn.
Self Braking: All gear systems are self-braking. 

Technical Specifications


HVA-181 400
HVA701 1100
HVA1101 1650
HVA1501 3000
HVA2401 6000
HVA2404 6000
HVA7501 17500
HVA7504 17500

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